Podiatry Treatments

All consultations are given enough time to effectively take a detailed history and examination to allow for a tailored treatment and plan. There are two types of assessment which is why there are 2 types of prices.

  1. Mechanical foot pain, running assessments, gait analysis or any musculoskeletal assessment requires up to 1hour to be efficient and effective. This does include any treatment.
  2. Routine care needs less time. This may include simple care of callus, corns and nails. This can take 30minutes usually to asses and treat but may require a detailed plan of repeated treatments to be effective.

Orthotic/Insole therapy

This is discussed on assessment and can be variable due to issues of different kinds, prescription and manufacturer. They can range from temporary costing nothing to full prescription at approximately (taken at Feb  2021) £160.00.


Physical therapy can be just as important to any treatment plan and will enhance rehabilitation. This will be targeted and tailored to your needs on assessment.


I deal with a lot of running patients which require looking at the gait/walking/running style. This will involve treadmill work and footwear inspection on assessment.