Physio Treatments

Our physiotherapy treatments are evidence based and use current research that aims to deliver effective treatment designed to promote healing. To ensure all PhysioNorth patients receive the most appropriate care our team of experienced practitioners is able to provide a wide range of treatments to address individual needs.

Manual Therapy (‘Hands on’)

this may involve joint mobilisation, massage, manipulation, trigger point release, myofascial release.

Exercise Therapy

a specific programme of graded exercises designed to target muscle strength and flexibility problems in order to stabilize joints and improve performance. This could form an important part of pre and post operative management in order to fully rehabilitate you for your sporting needs or other recreational activities.


ultrasound, TENS, electroacupuncture.


used for pain relief, muscle spasm and trigger point release helps promote the healing process.


Specific exercises used to engage postural muscles during normal activities 1:1 sessions can be provided to ensure you will get the most benefit before starting group class.

Postural advice and workstation assessment

Improving posture at work and modifying your workstation can have a positive effect on some symptoms.

Sports screening

using specific tests that look at muscle length, strength and function in order to help identify injury vulnerable areas from this we are able to develop a programme of exercises to address muscle imbalances.