Shoulder Problems

The shoulder joint is a complex structure that has to provide a large range of movement as well as stability whether in the functions of every day life or at a high level of sport.

Unlike other joints it relies heavily on finely tuned muscles around the joint (the rotator cuff) to provide stability , they must work together in a synchronised fashion. Any disruption to any one on of these muscles will result in the whole movement pattern being altered resulting in pain from tendonitis or bursitis .

The capsule around the joint can also cause pain and stiffness (frozen shoulder)

Occasionally the pain felt in your shoulder may be referred from your neck.

In order to treat any of these problems it is important that you have a diagnosis so that the treatment can be directed at the correct structure.

As physiotherapists we are qualified to do this and are skilled in treating both the acute pain symptoms and the progression of a rehabilitation programme to get you back to whatever you enjoy.