Neck & Back Pain

Disorders of the spine are common particularly the lower back and neck. Causes for spinal pain are multifactorial including:

We are experienced practitioners in the assessment and treatment of mechanical spinal pain irregardless of cause. We are trained in the McKenzie approach to Masters level and champion a patient centered practical approach to resolve and managing the problem ensuring prevention of future episodes of pain.

Working Postures & Pain

Poor working postures can cause back and neck pain and associated headaches. In addition to our expertise in the treatment of back and neck pain we are further qualified to advise on posture and ergonomics.

We undertake workplace assessments in an individual or group setting providing reports with recommendations as required.

Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD)

Published guidelines recommend Physiotherapy prescribed exercise in the treatment and management of WAD. Our experienced Physiotherapy team will be able to assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms using a variety of techniques and modalities which may include exercise, manual therapy, electrotherapy and acupuncture.

Pregnancy & Back Pain

Back pain and pelvic pain is common in pregnancy. We are able to give you expert pre and post natal advice and treatment. This may include postural advice, exercise therapy such as modified Pilates and occasionally it is necessary to recommend the use of a support.

Sports and Back Pain

Back and neck pain is common in many sports men and women at all levels. As Chartered Physiotherapists we are able to analyse your specific movement patterns, diagnose and treat your problem using a combination of massage, mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy and exercise.

Lower Back Pain

As specialist Physiotherapists we can teach you how to improve core strength through Pilates and specialist muscle balance re education. Myofacial release and modified yoga exercises are taught by us to improve flexibility in over tight structures.