Knee Problems

Knee pain can be brought on by many things from a twisting injury in sports, wear and tear of the joint surfaces as a result of osteoarthritis, or poor foot biomechanics and muscle imbalance. Physiotherapists are musculoskeletal specialists trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of knee pain.

An accurate assessment and diagnosis of your problem at PhysioNorth will enable you to optimise your recovery by taking the most appropriate action as soon as possible. All treatments and rehabilitation programmes will be tailored to your needs. Treatment may/ will include an exercise programme, acupuncture, Electrotherapy (Ultrasound), mobilisation and manipulation and above all a management plan including education to prevent further injury or progression of symptoms.

Not all Knee problems are associated with foot biomechanical issues but a thorough Physiotherapy assessment will identify any contributing factors that may require specialist Podiatry intervention.

Foot posture and function can play a large part in injury cause and treatment. As the foot works in a rotational way it can force the knee into rotating inwards and outwards. Just try and see what happens when you force your foot flat or put more weight on the outside of your foot. This rotational force or forces can be natural but in a abnormal functioning foot or symptomatic foot due to deformity, arthritis, acute injuries, poor rehabilitation can be detrimental.