ER gym and fitness and contented mum

I had seen a chiropractor for the same recurring muscle spasm in my shoulder for several years. Each time, the treatment alleviated some of the pain but it returned every few months, often meaning several days off work. The difference when I received physiotherapy from EJ was that as well as treating the symptoms, she explained the cause and gave me exercises to do as a preventative measure. Now when I feel it may be about to happen I can prevent it, and I can’t thank EJ enough for that. I have also received physio from EJ post knee operation, after a severe ankle sprain and in addition I have seen her for pre and post-natal physiotherapy. The acupuncture I had after my knee operation completed changed my opinion of the treatment and I am now an utter convert! As well as being a professional and skilled physiotherapist, EJ has such a lovely manner that she manages to make sessions enjoyable. I can wholeheartedly recommend physionorth.